Bastrop Medical Clinic, PA


Augustin R Batlle, MD.  Board Certified: Internal Medicine. Special training in Family and Occupational Medicine.

Jennifer Herbin, FNP-C. Family & Woman's Health 

THE place

for your medical needs.

Your Medical Home
We provide a medical home for patients in need of Urgent Care, Family and Internal Medicine, Women's Health, Occupational Medicine, as well as personalized weight loss therapy and guidance.  Immediate and long term care is provided. We recommend that children younger than 10 years of age be seen by a pediatrician for complex or ongoing care.

A Lifestyle Choice
Please note this is a lifestyle health clinic. We emphasize the need for proper diet, nutrition and physical activity as the basic foundation for good health. It is estimated 95% of medical visits and 75% of medical costs are due to lifestyle choices.  If we detect the possibility that you are out of shape or malnourished, these points will dominate our approach to your visit.  Be prepared, as this may limit the number of your concerns addressed in one visit.  Bring your exercise and nutrition plan in mind!




Doctor Batlle Says:  "I want you to know that at the Bastrop Medical Clinic, we strive to provide you with the very best medical care when you need it. We're committed to helping you maximize your health and well being through a proper balance of nutrition, physical activity, wholesome lifestyle habits, and nurturing relationships. Feel good!"


After hours urgent contact
(512) 922-7223 (Call your insurance after-hour nurse assistance line first please.)

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